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Drama 1
Introduction to acting covers creative and improvisational work, monologue, and scene memorization, with units in voice, diction, and physical stage movement. Students critique performances and evaluate literary worth of materials studied and performed. Individuals are considered separately, but ninety percent of the work is group-oriented.
Drama 2
This continuation of Drama I emphasizes characterization, blocking, make-up, costuming, directing and the one-act play. More attention is given to details in all areas, the greater individual critique for improvement is important. Introduction to play analysis and research are an essential part of this course. Semester work culminates with performance of a one-act play.
Drama 3
This course will offer an in-depth look at the literature in Drama beginning with the Greeks. Treatment of literature will be from the classical playwrights: Greek, Roman, Medieval, Commedia Dell Arte, Restoration, Elizabethan, to the 20th century contemporary playwrights beginning with Chekov and Ibsen. A close look at how the playwright influenced society and the development of drama through reading and research will be the major focus of this course. Directing and acting styles will also be explored as the history of these time periods are examined. Special attention to the audition process with monologue preparation will be studied during the first three weeks of the quarter.
Drama 4
This course is a residency with a Jet City Improv and centers around the concept of “telling the story.” Storytelling is an essential element in theatre. Students in this class will work in partnership with artists in residence using improvisation techniques to create a Harold-style public performance. During the 2nd half of the semester, students will explore physical storytelling with Shakespeare scene work and Stage Combat.
Drama 5 - Literature for the Theatre
Development of drama and theatre in its various forms. Advanced studies of individually planned readings, writing and analysis will lead to intensive work on the rehearsal and class performance of selected scenes from dramatic literature. Continued work on vocal, physical and imaginative skills will be emphasized. Advanced theory and practice of stage direction including selection of play casting, blocking and production of in-class scenes will be the primary focus of the last six weeks of the semester.
Drama 6/7
This one-year course in advanced acting and play production allows students to select and produce the Drama Festival of one-act plays, the Winter production and workshop scenes, being responsible for all aspects of acting, production, and publicity through the performance. This class is a one-year commitment. (Prerequisite: Drama 1, Drama 2, and audition, permission)
Drama as Expression
This course will allow the student to engage in: the study of playwrights, text styles, text analysis, acting analysis, contemporary plays and playwrights, classic plays and playwrights, writing for the theatre through use of dramaturgy with a focus of literary critisism for the theatre. The culminating project will include performance of a one-act play with completion of a researched design book.
This practical, technical class creates and builds sets, lighting props, and sound for play production. Technical terms and tools are introduced; then, using architectural skills, students learn how to design sets to scale, construct models and build and manage actual sets for production. Technical crew work which requires afterschool and evening is an essential part of the learning process. (elective credit only)
Students learn the combination of skills which this art form requires - singing, dancing and drama. The semester culminates with the full-scale production of the musical. Afterschool rehearsals are mandatory. (Prerequisite: by audition only)
Musical Production
Beginning with a historical view of costumes, manner, and mode, this course offers students the chance to develop and create for the Spring musical. Attention is given to hair style, drafting, costuming the the time period, make-up, programs, graphics, fund raising, ticketing and advertising.

Mary Poppins

Ruben's final musical at RHS!